Top Ten Fantasy Books - All-Time Best Selling Series

These brilliant and timeless fantasy series are among the best-selling stories in history, and if you haven't read them yet, it's time to dive in.  If you're a new fantasy reader, this is where you start.  If you're a seasoned fantasy reader, these are the stories you always come back to.

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Top Ten Fantasy Books - Most Popular of 2016

The fantasy genre is alive and well, and readers are buying more fantasy books than ever in 2016. Here's what the world is reading this year. We've included high fantasy, urban fantasy, and young adult sword-and-sorcery novels in this list. These are the books your friends are talking about that you haven't read yet!

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Top Ten Fantasy Books - Independently Awesome

Not long ago, going "indie" implied an author couldn't make it in traditional publishing, but some of the greatest fantasy authors of our time have published independently. The authors in this rotating list have earned the acclaim of the most important people in the writing world - readers.

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There's a reason we love fantasy. We live in a world where the dark often overshadows the light, where villains abound, and heroes are few and far between. More than books from any other genre, the best fantasy stories transport us to a different place, to a different worlds where the magic and valor of champions can make a difference, where an epic quest can change the world, where anyone can discover their worth, overcome their failings, and wage war against the darkness.

Top Ten Fantasy Books is a place to discover (and rediscover) the epic stories, authors, and series that have captivated the hearts of fantasy readers around the world.

Have a look around. I hope you'll enjoy these books as much as I have.

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